Suspension Repair in San Diego

Suspension issues with your vehicle may go unnoticed when compared to more obvious problems, such as brake problems, transmission troubles or engine problems. It’s possible to still drive your car if your suspension is broken but the ride won’t be near as smooth.

How to know if you need Suspension Repair

Some indicators might be the following:

  • Vehicle wobbles on freeway while driving
  • The tires on your automobile are wearing heavily on one side more than the other
  • This is an indicator that your automobile may be leaning to one side or the other
  • When traveling straight down the road, do you have to hold the wheel more to the left or right
  • When you drive over bumps or dips on the highway, does it feel like your automobile offers no support
  • Try this test: drive your automobile slowly on a back road or large parking area. Raise your fingers from the wheel and raise your foot off your pedal and see if your steering wheel pulls more to one side

Suspension Repair at Adventec Auto Repair

If your vehicle is doing any of these indicators regularly, Advantec Auto Repair suggests you bring it in for examination and possibly suspension repair or replacement. If you are unsure if you need new suspension, bring it in anyway and we’ll take a look at your vehicle for you.